Important life skills related to personal growth and social values are also a part of the curriculum for primary students. They are taught different essential life skills throughout different activities such as Handwriting, Essay Writing, Story Writing, Poetry Recitation, Extempore and Elocution which are conducted in the classroom. Along with these, different festivals like Dashain, Tihar, Education Day, Children’s Day and Environment Week are celebrated to be in touch with our culture and tradition along with creating awareness.

Few activities are organized for certain grades only according to age level understanding.

Rice Plantation is conducted by Grade II to make the students respect what they are getting every day and not to waste food. Grade III conducts a Fruit Market based on the Social Studies Curriculum while learning market as one of the essential infrastructure required for an ideal community. Students of Grade IV participate in Mha-Puja, the main festival of the Newari people while learning about the ethnic group, Newar. Few parents from Grade IV said, “We, belonging from Newar community, do not know much of our festivals as we were brought up outside the valley. Our children are teaching us the culture we were supposed to teach them through all the activities they conduct in the school. We are very grateful for this.”

The students are also given the opportunity to showcase their strength and ability in different areas during the Annual Assembly. Few participate in play and exhibit their theatrical skills whereas few show their dance skills through Dance performance. Among these, students also recite poems and sing songs too.

Mha Puja 2079

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