Field Trips

Field Trips

Field Trips are integrated with the curriculum and organized. It is well planned prior to the trip with educational objectives.

Grade I

The Grade Teachers review on the trip to a Nuclear and Joint Family: This trip benefitted the students in interviewing skills. They even gathered knowledge on variation in families and their culture. The trip was very enjoyable and the parents were also very welcoming.

Grade II

The Trip to Rotary Awon Library was conducted to encourage the students to read more books and enhance their Language Skills. Presish Koirala of II Red says, “After my trip to the Rotary Awon Library, I became a member of the Library. Then I regularly started borrowing books and read them during free time. Now, my reading has improved a lot.”

Grade III

The trip to Tiger Lilly Petting Farm was conducted with an aim to enrich the students’ learning on birds and their feeding habit in Science along with various tools used in farming in Social Studies. Soyush Raj Bista of III Red says, “I am glad that I got a chance to visit the Tiger Lilly Petting Farm because I learnt many things practically there, which I had learnt only in my books.”

Grade IV

The main objective of the trip to Chovar was to familiarize the students with the history of the formation of Kathmandu Valley by observing the Chovar Gorge. Sohisha Thapa of IV Red says, “During the trip, I got a chance to know about the first cement factory of Nepal. I was also amazed to see the gorge from where the Bagmati River flows out of the valley. I felt very scared to step on the steel suspension bridge. It was my new experience.”

Grade V

The objective of organizing the trip to Bhakatapur Durbar Square was to familiarize the students with its history. Richan Sargam Yamphu of V Blue says, “The trip was practically wonderful than the bookish knowledge.”

These are few insights of the trips organized in different grades of Primary Level.

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